Leicestershire Crime Statistics June 2020-Nov 2020

A number of Repro Security Ltd customers has asked about crime in Leicestershire. We have taken the latest six month figures from the Leicestershire Constabulary, Crime Statistics June 2020 to November 2020. Figures for Leicestershire Burglary, Vehicle Crime and Bike theft.

308 Burglaries in the month of June 2020, 443 in November 2020 a 43% increase

407 Vehicle Crimes in the month of June 2020, 572 in November 2020 a 40% increase

101 Bike thefts in the month of June 2020, 111 in November 2020 a 10% increase

Should you want to view this information from source. UKCrimeStats.com – Leicestershire Police

Advice on Burglary from Leicestershire Police. Residential burglary | Crime prevention | Leicestershire Police (leics.police.uk)

Advice on protecting your vehicle. Theft of a vehicle | Crime prevention | Leicestershire Police (leics.police.uk)

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Leicestershire Crime Statistics

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