Do you have an effective fire detection system & procedure in place?  Over the past few years it has become increasingly important to review and assess your company’s Fire and Safety risks.

Without an effective fire detection system in place, you risk the well-being of your employees as well as your business assets.

If you have five or more full-time employees, then the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 makes it legally binding that someone must be responsible for reducing the risk of fire in your premises and ensuring everyone inside can escape safely.  This could, among other things, identify a need for a fire alarm system, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting.  By failing to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment (or failing to task another competent person to do so) you could be liable to prosecution and any insurance policy may be invalid.

Repro Security offer a FREE risk assessment to ensure your fire alarm is up to scratch and is legally compliant, whilst protecting your employees and business.

Should your system require additional equipment, a new Fire Detection or further Safety system, we can offer the following.

  • Flame detectors
  • Smoke beams
  • Air sampling and wire-free detection systems
  • Automatic door and ventilation controls
  • Voice evacuation and visual warning systems
  • Disabled refuge systems
  • Water detection systems
  • Remote monitoring to Fire and Rescue Service

All installations are installed to the latest BS and EN standards and great care is given to the design , installation and commissioning of these systems to meet your particular needs and ensure that the installed system meets the required standards.  Also that it is accepted by your local Fire Officer and Insurance Company.