Our Door Entry systems allow you to talk and even see your visitors before admitting them.  It gives you the choice of who is allowed in – and who is not.

A system will consist of a panel outside the entrance door with the appropriate number of buttons on the panel relevant to the number of offices you wish to call.

The intercom panels can be simple aluminium models or stainless steel depending on your environment and needs.  These systems can have PIN coded or fob/card access and are easily integrated with our Access Control, CCTV and Automated Gate systems.

You have a choice of desk or wall mounted phones, flush or surface, audio only or audio video.  The buttons on the handset have variable functions from remotely opening the door to switching on lobby lights where the door is situated.

Hardwired, wireless and IP systems are available depending on your premises and cabling infrastructure.

New systems enable remote monitoring and APP based control and viewing. Handsets may connect to your WIFI enabling visitors to connect with you anywhere in the world using your smart phone.