CCTV is an effective tool helping reduce crime and providing peace of mind to many people and businesses alike.

Repro Security has a wide range of systems which can be used:

CCTV in Public Places is a key tool for public safety.  Anti-social behaviour is reduced as persons know they are being watched.  The cameras themselves reduce crime in areas where they are positioned and also provide reassurance to lone pedestrians and business/residential owners alike.

Cameras can also be used to monitor traffic and provide important information to Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

CCTV in Business brings many benefits and although staff may feel big brother is watching them, benefits are too great to ignore.  Just some of these benefits include the monitoring and managing of your business from your office or on your mobile phone or Laptop anywhere in the world and to provide a safer environment for your staff and visitors, undesirable behaviour is reduced, CCTV helps prevent theft and malicious damage, fraudulent activities etc and with the new threat of lawsuits for injury and accidents CCTV is a great tool providing evidence to solve these matters quickly and without expensive legal costs and payouts.

CCTV in Schools help prevent smoking, drug and alcohol use, vandalism, bullying, monitoring staff, visitor and student behaviour etc.  When children know they are being monitored they would avoid any kind of behaviour that would result in punishment.