There have been a number of burglaries in and around Market Harborough recently, some of which have been targeted due to certain possessions.

As we at Repro Security care about the community and providing help where we can, please cast your eye over the following list which provides tips and advice on how best to prevent theft of your property or a break in.


  • Lock them!
  • Ensure any sliding door is on the inside
  • Letterboxes should be at least 16″ away from locks


  • Ground floor and easy reach windows should have locks
  • Fire escape windows should have laminated glass, not locks
  • Remove any keys, valuables, possessions from sight and into a safe place


  • Stop access to the rear with fencing and lock gates
  • Prickly bushes and noisy gravel deters thieves
  • Remove hiding places by pruning trees etc.
  • Don’t place pergolas, sheds, etc. too near the house, they help thieves reach upper windows

Garages & Sheds:

  • Lock them!
  • Make sure doors are solid
  • Use strong locks
  • Lock ladders away to sop thieves using them


  • Mark you property
  • Keep records of makes, models & serial numbers
  • Take photographs of valuables
  • Shred sensitive paperwork containing your data
  • Keep computers out of sight
    • Back up data
    • Use passwords & firewalls
    • Use track & trace if possible on your devices


  • Carefully positioned lighting can deter thieves
  • Make visible burglar alarms
  • Dusk-to-dawn lighting is the most appropriate
  • Consider using sensor lighting
  • Fit lights out of easy reach

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